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Dec 13 2011

Facebook Like Button

Asking to Be Liked on Facebook isn’t Enough!

Figured it out yet? Unless you are a rock star, singer, actor/actress, porn star or reality star (is that the same as porn star?) very few of your loyal customers and clients are going to Like your Facebook page just because you asked them to.  Even when you said “pretty please with whipped cream on top?”  We live in a day when everyone is getting freebees from everyone else, so why should your customers be any different? The Facebook Like button gets clicked when you have given the right amount of motivation.

Give them something in return for the “Like”. A free report, free e-book, a discount coupon. Something, anything!

Get them to Like you and sign up for email updates whenever possible don’t don’t over do it! One email a week and sometimes a month is enough.

The Facebook Like Can Turn Into Sales

Do it right, give something away and ask for their input on your page. Reward with with recognition, If you are business to business firm publicize them to your other clients or customers. Let the world know how great they are. You will be surprised at how many will tell the world how great you are.  A Facebook Like is a reaction not a destination.  Get them to react.

If you are business to consumer, give them a reward and ask permission to list mention them as a great customer on your page.  Nothing works better than recognition.

One Facebook Like Can be Tough to Get – Never Mind a Couple of Thousand

No doubt you have experienced the frustration in getting someone to click on your Facebook Like button and getting interaction on your business page can be a maddening proposition.  You sit there wondering if it’s worth it.  Try asking this instead: “Am I giving my business page follower enough of what they want to see and hear?  Am I keeping them interested?  Am I making them a part of the page and the process?  If the answer is no, fix it. If you don’t know, ask them.

Customers spend money with you for a reason, they like you fro a reason, if your not sure do a poll or send them a direct message and ask what they want to see, what they want to be part of.  It’s’ not rocket science but there is some science to it.

So get out there and give them something, preferably something they want.

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