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Dec 1 2011

Social Media Warmth on a Cold Winter’s Day

Nothing Better Than Social Media to Warm Up Your Day

Ever sit in your office, looking out on the white, blowing landscape of winter and wish you were on a Caribbean Island with one of the umbrella drinks in your hand listening to steel drums in background as the warm waves wash over your feet?  Me too. It’s 13 degrees outside and the snow’s blowing sideways here in the beautiful mile high city and yet I know an easier way and by far less expensive way to get a little warmth and love going.  Use your Social Media to bring a little winter warmth to others.

Hop on any one of over  300 social media sites and start finding people, companies and products & services to like and follow.  Share their tweets, posts, pics and videos and let them know you did.  Share the love. It comes back exponentially. In this world of cyber reality we tend to loose contact with others. Think about it, Thanksgiving just passed, how many of you received a text from a friend or family member instead of a call?  How many of you saw a blanket “Happy Thanksgiving” on peoples Facebook page and realized that was to all of their closest 3098 friends?

Social Media Warmth Doesn’t Have to be Impersonal!

Since so much goes on in cyberspace it tends to be cold and impersonal but you control that.   Don’t blanket message personal friends and never do it to family. But what about the business side of Social Media Warmth?  Well in 35 years of business management I have tried very hard to keep business professional but personal.  Creating long term business relationships is no different that creating and nurturing long term personal relationships just the basis comes from the business interests not personal although the two overlap quite a bit.

Twitter is the water cooler of the old office (or the coffee pot in the break room).  A place to gather with business associates and colleagues and catch up on fashion, sports. kids, well you know, stuff.  I miss that aspect of corporate life. But Twitter has brought a little piece of that back.  Find leaders in your industry (other than yourself) and follow them, comment on their tweets, share their ideas with your followers. Do the same with your own followers, share their stuff, let everyone know how smart and great your followers are. Share a little Social Media Warmth.

Facebook is a little more like the showroom. A place to let your clients and customers look around a little more, see the great deals you have going on this week, let them in a little tips and secrets of the trade that might help them in their own life, business or personal.  Connect with them as if they were in front of you.  If I cam in to your store or office would you bombard me with information about yourself, your products and services? In other words would you just sell, sell, sell? Of course not, you would establish a rapport, get to know me a little, what I like and want and then find a way to fill my desires with your service or product, in a natural way flowing out of our get to know each other conversation.  Facebook is a place to let them know that you have what they want and, by the way, what their friends want, so work on letting them see how important it is for them to help their friends out by sharing a little something about you. Facebook may be the King of Social Media Warmth.  Don’t forget to share other business pages with your base.  Businesses that don’t compete with you but you do business with are great Social Media Warmth partners.

YouTube is an awesome place for you if you have a product or service that lends itself to being watched.  Everyone wants their video to go viral, viral is way over rated. Why? Because it doesn’t happen naturally very often.  You can make your own or pay a lot of money to professionals but typically it takes budgets that only the big guys can afford to go viral.

So focus on what your customers questions are and show them through video how you have what they are looking for. One video every 90 days is quite often enough.  Invite your customers from Twitter and Facebook to view and share here also.  If they have their own pertinent videos, share them with your customers.

Social Media Warmth is Reciprocal

Everything in business is reciprocal.  So why would you think that your Social Media efforts would be anything less?  Sharing is the name of the game and the more you share about others the more they are apt to share about you.

Make new friends, find new contacts, share your world and others with them and see how they share back.

MetaSocialWeb.com is a place for sharing. Finding and connecting. If not here find somewhere where you can put your Social Media Warmth to good use.

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