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Dec 16 2011

Twitter – Tweeting – Retweets

Why is Getting Retweets of Your Tweets Important?

Because a Twitter Retweet is like getting quoted in the newspaper or on the evening news!  It means someone was listening (reading) to what you had to say. A huge ego boost! Maybe some traffic to your blog or  website. $$$$???? Maybe.

Retweets on Twitter really can drive traffic so the real question is how do I get more of them?

According to Dan Zarrella, the Social Media Scientist at Hubspot.com there is a scientific approach to getting retweeted and it all starts with talking about yourself a whole lot less.  According to Dan, tweets with self reference get retweeted less than 2% of the time. But tweets about current news get retweeted almost 80% of the time and tweets about Twitter get retweeted over 300% of the time.

So focus on relevant information that you know will be of interest to those who read you and try not to make it about yourself

SEO likes retweeting because of the effect of having your link out there being talked about by others and when you drive traffic to your site a certain amount of them will naturally subscribe, comment or share you with others.  Check out Dan’s blog and get your social media in gear.

5 Scientific Ways to Get Retweets

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  1. Marc says:
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    Tweeting and re-tweeting has helped my Twitter following substantially. Sharing what others have to say is really key.

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