Facial Reconstructive Surgery: Recovering From Trauma

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The pain that occurs from an injury that permanently disfigures or damages someone goes far deeper than the skin. Emotional and psychological pain is common during the recovery from a severe injury, no matter the cause of the disfigurement. At our clinic, we want to provide support for those that are struggling with their appearance through exceptional reconstructive surgical options.   At our clinic, we believe that we can help such victims recover from their disfigurement by providing them with excellent reconstructive surgical options, like rhinoplasty surgery bellevue. If you’ve experienced an accident and need an experienced plastic surgeon, review our patient testimonials.

Craniofacial Reconstructive Surgery:

Craniofacial reconstructive plastic surgery is performed to correct impairments and disfigurements of the skull, face, and neck caused by an injury, such as burns, traumatic injuries, broken or fractured bones.   Facial reconstructive procedures are among the most delicate and sensitive of reconstructive procedures. Seeking a professional plastic surgeon that has had extensive training with years of experience is essential.

Explaining the procedures:

Reconstructive surgeries of the head and face vary depending upon the type and severity of the injury or condition. Some surgical repairs will require manipulation or adjustment of the skull, brain, nerves, eyes, and facial bones in addition to the skin. In such cases, your plastic surgeon will work in conjunction with a neurosurgeon to ensure that your reconstruction operations are effective.


Reconstructive surgeries are usually performed under general anesthesia, and they will vary in length depending on the severity of the condition. Some minor procedures, such as scar repair, will take a short period and may sometimes be performed under a local anesthetic. More complex surgeries, such as reconstructive rhinoplasty, in which the physician must reposition broken bones of the nose, can take far longer. Ask your plastic surgeon how long he or she thinks the surgery will take.


During reconstructive surgery, tissues will be cut, moved, and reconnected. Bones of the face may need to be cut and moved as well. Bone grafts may be required. These are usually taken from the pelvis, ribs, or skull to fill in spaces of the face where bones were moved or severely damaged.   In many circumstances metal screws or plates may be inserted and screwed into the bones to hold them in place. Such situations may require the jaws to be wired together while healing occurs. Recovery for such extensive procedures may take up to 3 months. Minor surgeries may see full recovery within 6 weeks. Severe conditions may require follow up surgeries to further adjust and improve the appearance.

You Don’t Have To Live This Way

Those that have suffered from birth defects or disfiguring injuries must realize that they do not have to live this way. Facial reconstructive surgeries are increasing in number as women and men realize that long-endured disfigurements can be removed from their lives. Full recoveries can be made and identities can be reclaimed.   Such delicate work of reconstructive surgery requires the expertise of a highly-trained plastic surgeon. I have spent years practicing reconstructive surgeries and have gained national recognition for my work and research. I am proud to say that I have helped countless people regain a sense of self-esteem and confidence and even a knowledge of their own beauty throughout the world. You are a beautiful individual. Let us help you show it. Contact me for a free consultation so that we can create a plan for your recovery. Visit us to learn about other surgical options, like bellevue tummy tuck.